Until recently I would have described myself as a social activist, but now I find social entrepreneur to be more appropriate. I felt the need to find the most effective way of making an impact on society and startups have proven to be the most agile mechanism of navigating capital and attention, thus the birth of Prosocial Labs. This is my attempt of building a business that aims to solve real social problems and help people raise their standard of living.

Prosocial Labs is a startup, think tank and incubator which seeks to facilitate large scale sustainable behaviour. The old world model of doing business, in which profit reigns above all else, is so broke to the extent it kind of broke the world, literally. We believe that business needs perspective above all else and business practices need to be filtered through four main questions: is it socially sustainable, is it economically sustainable, is it environmentally sustainable and is it moral?

Our perspective begins where prosocial behaviour meets emerging digital models which are disrupting cultural, economic and social interactions. Humanity has been intertwined together unlike ever before by the digital revolution and we are on the brink of full digital interconnectedness, this is already redefining how humanity organizes itself and we aim to build our foundation of this very shift. What we believe to be the four pillars of prosocial behaviour are effective altruism, consensual complementary collaboration, open source education and prosocial arts. We aim to facilitate these types of behaviours by creating platforms based on more sustainable models like blockchain guaranteed fairness and transparency or the share economy which comes with a fairer distribution of gains. Our goal is to aggregate people together and provide platforms on which mutually advantageous interactions can occur with ease and flexibility.

Our first product will be a social network custom tailored for civic interactions. With this project we aim to tackle three main objectives: to organically minimize biases in information distribution between people, to bridge the gap between organizations and people that want to contribute to social and civic causes, and to create a framework of collaboration in which organizations and individuals engaged in specific causes can compare notes and determine what is the most effective course of action. One key aspect that is essential is an unique rating system which can ergonomically fit human digital interaction and give users the power needed to collectively determine what is relevant, coherent and worthwhile.

*Mission : Prosocial Labs is a startup, think tank and incubator which seeks to facilitate large scale sustainable behaviour.

Vision: We aim to leverage the emerging social, economic and cultural models that are a direct result of digital interconnectedness and create products which are morally, socially, ecologically and economically sustainable, while aggregating people together in mutually beneficial interactions.*

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