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I feel that awareness is a journey, less a destination. I don’t believe that we, as humans, have the possibility of obtaining a full and all-encompassing awareness while we are in this body and mind, but we have the possibility of working on this and having access to deeper levels of understanding which in turn make us more aware of us and all that is around us.

For me, this journey of awareness started as an inward path, which lead me to understand my dreams and form a purpose in life, but recently I started an outward journey of awareness in order to try to understand how I can have a maximum impact in the surrounding world, let’s take this a path at a time.

My inward path of awareness

To be honest, this is a little fuzzy because it started happening roughly fifteen years ago and in a very organic way, without much mental process, but I will try to sum it up in words anyway.

Thinking back, I believe that high school was the point at which I started developing a sense of awareness, with the fact that something is severely fucked up in the world. Although I had no idea how to pinpoint this foul play, I semi-consciously decided not to be part of the problem. I think that this is one of the most profound realization I had while I was still very young, the fact that my actions affect the world and that we need to be careful with what we do in order to uplift the world, not let it sink more and more. This attitude made it really hard for me to relate to having a job because I was able to find profound problems with most of the options presented.

One other level of awareness was when I stopped consuming meat. This arose from a somewhat selfish motive but evolved in something bigger than myself. I was in high school when first hearing about vegetarianism, and this immediately started resonating with me, but I did not make the step then. Some years later I was reading a book which explained how an animal which is sacrificed has its fear impregnated in the meat, both as a more subtle energy and as hormonal biochemical reactions. At that point I pause and though I have to much fear of my own and I don’t need any other fear and decided to stop eating meat. I don’t know exactly when I did this, but it is somewhere around 8-10 years ago. I also think my levels of aggression diminished with this choice and it made me more sensitive to things around me. While writing this, I just remembered that as a child I refused to kill insects, I had no logical explanation when I was asked why, but I remember refusing in several situations.

Long story short, my inward journey of awareness gave the sense we are all one and that all our individual realities create one collective reality. This made me feel responsible for my actions and created a foundation on which I built principles like honesty, understanding and a desire to help things move along as much as I can.


My outward journey of awareness

This is a fairly new journey, I believe it really started five years ago when I started being involved in social activism. My new question was how I can make the biggest positive impact I am able to achieve and this is not an easy question.

The first lesson which made me aware of the huge collective power we have was at the first major protest I went to. It was September 2013 and the Romanian government wanted to bypass many laws and give the green light for a cyanide gold mine at Rosia Montana, which was and is unacceptable. People took to the streets of Bucharest, and the first time I saw the mob chanting my brain was not able to exactly understand what was going on. As I was approaching the protest I heard a lot of noise and when I saw the people, my brain was not able to associate the very loud noise with the mass of people, they seemed to be too few people for such a loud noise. So I started looking of amplifiers and stuff like that, but there were none and I quickly realized that the high sound level was because all of the people there had only one voice; this had a profound effect on me. It was the first time I realized how powerful we are if we connect to each other and work towards the same goals.

So, this is how my I started being actively involved in attempts of large-scale change. Since then, I gave this situation a lot of thought and started being aware of how change works with masses of people and arrived at something I call the ergonomics of change. Basically, I understood that people choose to change their behavior if they see a benefit, if it makes their life simpler or better. Even though this can be viewed as egoism, I believe this speaks to the need for people to evolve and live a better life.

And this journey of awareness really started being a daily effort since I found the steem ecosystem. This gave me the opportunity of working with a lot of fantastic people and I became aware of more and more things. I started to appreciate collaboration, complementarity and real education and all this lead me to be part of the @tribesteemup community.


My convergence of awareness

In the paragraphs above I just touched upon a few things that make me aware and changed the way I live my life, I will try to create a more detailed picture of how I relate to awareness.

I am aware that life has a tendency to thrive and we are part of life. I am aware that we are just one global organism and we need to find ways of collaborating with each other to the extent we can build a paradise for us and also respect the planet and all other life here. I am aware that love and understanding will pave the way to this future. I am aware that even one person can make a difference. I am aware that this journey of awareness is far from over.